Mediation Montreal
225 Hymus, Suite 7
Pointe-Claire, Montreal, Quebec


For information or to book an appointment: Call: 514.694.4433 Email: Mediation is a system that allows separating parents to negotiate new arrangements for themselves and their children in a quiet, harmonious atmosphere with the best interests of the children in mind. It allows the couple to bypass the chaotic, cumbersome and very expensive path that is often undertaken through the traditional legal system.

Five mediation sessions in the province of Quebec are offered free of charge to separating or divorcing couples with dependent children 0-18 years old or 0-25 years old if children are still in school.

Mediation services are available at a reasonable cost for couples without dependent children. In ever-increasing numbers, individuals, families, businesses and community groups are turning to mediation as a saner, more humane, and more economical method of resolving disputes.